Beginning Our At Home Learning

Hi 1A families,

What a week! Thank you for coming to grab your child’s materials these last few days and for all your kind emails. Please bear with me over the next few days as I experiment with different strategies/tools/ideas for the At Home Learning we will all be participating in.

I wanted to share some further information for you on what to expect in these coming weeks. Every week day, you will be receiving an email from me with an attached Word document by 8:30am. This document will have assignments, learning targets, instructions for learning, and other information for the day.

I have also set up a Google Classroom for your child to join; this will have everything s/he may need in one place, including handouts, links, videos, games, and information about login information for websites we’ll be using over the course of the next several weeks. Google Classroom will be my primary tool to push supplementary materials out to students, so you will want to access it daily. It is fairly straightforward, and I am hopeful that after a few days, first graders will get into the routine of using Google Classroom independently.  You should have received an email with the information you will need regarding your child’s Google account and Google Classroom.  To join our classroom, visit and enter the code emailed to you.

I will also be using a tool called Seesaw students may be familiar with–we’ve used it a few times in the classroom. Your child can download the app or use this on a computer browser.  I can then go in and view your child’s uploads/posts and add comments to your child’s posts for them to read. Please visit or download Seesaw: The Learning Journal onto a phone/tablet; we will be using it this week.  Your child’s login information has been emailed to you.

Finally, I’d like to set up a weekly classroom meeting using Zoom ( It will be a chance for us to check in with one another and feel more connected with one another. Let’s plan for Thursday morning at 9am this week, and we can set up a weekly time after that. I’ll send out more information earlier Thursday morning during my daily email blast.

Whew! I know that was a lot…but wanted to get it out to you prior to Monday. Please let me know if there is anything you need over the course of the next several weeks. I will provide some extra resources on Google Classroom (that you can use if you want or disregard), which may include handouts, coloring activities, other math games, etc.; if you are unable to print, feel free to get creative! If you need something else from me, please let me know.

I realize how difficult this situation may be for your family and how big of a change this will be for your child. I, as well as every other teacher I’ve spoken with, am so sad to not be in the classroom with my students. But I think many moments of joy and gratitude can come out of these strange and surreal weeks. How you implement At Home Learning might not look the same as another family in our class and it might not look exactly like school. That is okay! This is a challenging and surreal situation.

I am happy to do the occasional personalized Skype conversations with your child for motivation or for a check-in, if need be :). I will also be available during the normal school hours Monday-Friday 8:30-3pm, if you or your child have a question/need to shoot me an email.

Nikki McNerney